Nations cut off travel from India due to virus situation

An Air India flight. (Sun Photo/Fayaz Moosa)

A number of nations have ceased travel to India due to the worsening situation with COVID-19 in the nation. 

Indian borders have remained closed since March of last year, however, some nations are operating flights under established travel bubbles with the nation. 

India has been listed on the UK red list of countries it advises against traveling to, while Singapore introduced a mandatory 21-day quarantine for individuals traveling from India. Travelers are required to quarantine for 14 days at a special facility with seven more days to be spent in home quarantine.

Other than that, Canada and the UAE have also cut off flights from India for a certain period. The UAE allows travelers who transit at other nations but no direct flights from India while Canada suspended operations for 30 days. 

India has confirmed a rapid rise of more than 300,000 cases per day and there are reports that some hospitals are facing shortages of oxygen and are overfilled with some patients dying due to the oxygen shortage. Maharashtra, one of the most populous states in the country and home to Mumbai, one of the biggest cities in the country is the worst-hit. Reports have also speculated that a new variant of COVID-19 including a double mutation one is ravaging through the country. 

Many nations have blocked entry if traveling from India, including the Maldives which now requires everyone (except tourists) arriving from India to undergo a quarantine of 10 days. This includes those who have received both doses of the vaccine as well. 

India is the biggest tourist market to the Maldives and the situation in the nation has led to a slight decrease in tourist arrivals to the Maldives as well.