Tree Top Hospital reduces PCR test charges

Tree Top Hospital, Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Fayaz Moosa)

Tree Top Hospital has reduced the cost of PCR tests for COVID-19 at the hospital. 

The hospital, located in Hulhumale’ said that the locals and work permit holders can now conduct a PCR test at the hospital; for MVR 1,149 while tourists can conduct a test for MVR 1,199. 

The Hospital had previously charged MVR 1,399 for locals and work permit holders while charging MVR 1,499 for tourists. 

The Hospital has also shortened the duration for test results and increased its testing capacity. Now, test results from the hospital are available within 12 hours. A premium service whereby the hospital provides a report is also available in emergency situations. 

Bookings for testing can be made by contacting 3351610.