Extra increments repaid by Island Aviation senior officials

The parliament’s State-Owned Enterprises Committee. (Sun Photo/Ahmed Awshan Ilyas)

The parliament’s State-Owned Enterprises Committee has said that senior officials of Island Aviation Services had repaid the increments obtained through violated policies.

The Committee had been investigating the obtainment of increments by the senior officials of IAS which were in violation of Finance Ministry policies. The Committee had formed a report regarding the case where IAS was to act in regards to the extra increments.

Committee chair and MP for Hulhudhoo Ilyas Labeeb presenting the report to the parliament said that IAS had forwarded the budget for the company to the Finance Ministry which included the extra increments. 

“However, the Finance Ministry later said that the Ministry had not approved of the increments. Finance later instructed to obtain the extra increments from them. The increments have now been returned. Back to the company.” Said MP Ilyas. 

The report by the Committee showed that Deputy Managing Director of IAS Aishath Jennifer’s wages had been increased from MVR 45,400 to MVR 67,630. The chairperson’s wages previously stood at MVR 12,875, which was increased to 19,100. The wages of board members were increased from MVR 8,000 to 11,850. This is an increase of 48 percent.

The report noted that the wages of Managing Director Mohamed Rizvy had remained unchanged. The report also stated that the workforce of the company had been increasing every year despite the lack of expansion of operations as well as employees being promoted within the company without a policy. The Committee also recommended expanding the seaplane operations of the company. 

The report is to be voted on by the parliament today.