Tree Top Hospital increases capacity on PCR testing, reduces charges

Tree Top Hospital, located in Hulhumale'. (File Photo/Sun/Mohamed Afrah)

Tree Top Hospital, a private hospital located in suburban Hulhumale’, has increased its PCR testing capacity, and reduces charges.

The reduced charges will take effect on Thursday, October 8.

Tree Top Hospital installed a new PCR testing machine on Wednesday, a decision it said was made to cater to the public requirement of COVID-19 testing with the increasing number of cases across Maldives.


  • For Maldivian citizens: MVR 1,399
  • For work permit holders: MVR 1,399
  • For tourists: MVR 1,499

Tree Top Hospital said that with the increase in PCR testing capacity, the hospital will now deliver results in less than 48 hours from sample collection.

Those requesting results urgently will be facilitated at a premium.

Tree Top Hospital has opened PCR testing services for outpatient (OPD), inpatient (IPD) and travel certification.

The hospital has asked to call 3351610 or email [email protected] for bookings and information.