Fishing boat with 24 men quarantined off Madaveli

Sea World, a fishing boat from G. Dh. Madaveli. (Photo/Maldivian Fishermen)

Local authorities have quarantined a fishing boat from G. Dh. Madaveli, which traveled back to the island this Saturday, after a recent trip to greater Male’ region.

Madaveli Council’s president Hameez Ahmed confirms the boat, Sea World, was quarantined upon return to the island this Saturday morning.

Hameez said the boat sold fish to Hulhumale’, a suburb of Male’ City, on September 1, and left the next day.

“We have been informed that some of the crew members disembarked to Male’/Hulhumale’ when in Hulhumale’ to sell the fish. And that people from Male’/Hulhumale’ boarded the boat. When we questioned the owner of the boat, he said that he cannot guarantee that no one off or on the boat,” he said.

“We therefore quarantined the boat upon return following discussions with the boat owner and the local taskforce as it is the safest course of action for this time.”

The boat has been quarantined for 14 days, starting from the date they departed from Hulhumale’. Hazeem told Sun that the boat owner confirmed there are 24 crew members on board the boat.

“Food and other essentials to the people on the boat will be supplied by the boat owner,” he said.

Madaveli is currently under monitoring by Health Protection Agency (HPA), after local transmissions of an unknown source was discovered on G. Dh. Hoadedhoo, which is linked to Madaveli via a causeway. 38 coronavirus cases have been confirmed from Hoadedhoo so far.