Urvashi Rautela an Indian film actress and model is a former beauty queen who won the title of Miss Teen India in 2009 and Miss Diva in 2015. She also represented India at the Miss Universe beauty pageant the same year. Urvashi’s first appearance in Bollywood was opposite Sunny Deol in the movie “Singh Saab the Great” in 2013. She has since acted in box office hits such as “Mr. Airavata” and “Sanam Re”.

Can you share your experience coming here for MATATO Travel Awards?

Well, coming here for the Maldives Travel Awards has been quiet an exciting experience. Firstly, because this is my very first time here in Maldives, I always wanted to come here visit here because we all know that it is the only living paradise on earth. And when I came here I was pretty shocked to see the color of the skies, the ocean and the beauty of Maldives. I was all struck by it. It’s unbelievable and it is like a paradise. So yes, I am really enjoying my beautiful moments. It is definitely one of the most cherish moments of my life.


How did you spend your day today?

Today was my second day, it was really fulfilling day, and I had a blast with my family. We did a lot of water sports today, scuba diving, snorkeling, we clicked lot of pictures and made lot of videos; in the ocean while swimming and doing a lot of water adventures. So it was quiet and exciting journey, I have never been to such a beautiful place other than Maldives in my entire life. So I hope to come back here soon again with my family again and again. Maldives is a place you just feel like coming again back again and again, because you just it’s just so beautiful. It’s so breath taking.


What is your view about Maldives Travel Awards?

First of all congratulations to all the winners, and it’s a great initiative to promote tourism. Being a Bollywood actress and a title winner Miss Tourism Award 2007, I won the title, I always believed in promoting and the importance and significance of tourism; which is very close to my heart. And when it comes to Maldives; yes it is definitely something which has to be there like a priority basis. So yes it was great evening, we all really enjoyed a lot. I was awarded with a beautiful honor again by the beautiful Adaaran Resorts, MATATO and Trip Advisor; as the “Face of Future”. I think it’s really prestigious and I am completely honored and humbled to achieve this honor, to be the face of future. I am over the moon.



Can you explain Maldives in a single word?

As we all know Maldives is derived from a Malayalam name “Mal” is like Mala Garland and “dives” is like dives as we all know; country, like a garden country. It is also known as a neck pieces island. Like a beautiful neck piece like a beautiful garland. So if I have to give a synonym to Maldives; that will be “paradise”.


You have met people around the world; what is the most interesting thing you've seen from the locals in the Maldives? 

I love Maldivian people. Maldives is more than just its eye-catching and breathtaking beauty. If the Maldives was a person, it is someone with a colorful personality, a charm, a mystery added to its beautiful exterior. Tracing from its long history, the culture and people of Maldives were molded with the characteristics and beliefs influenced by religion and tradition.


How would you describe your first visit to Maldives?

My first trip to Maldives was really beautiful. The Maldives boasts of a rich culture of music and dance. Some of the cultural music and dances can trace their roots to distant continents and cultures, especially Indian and Western roots. Maldivians are also known for being avid and talented craftsmen. The intricate stone carvings found in the Friday mosque in Male’ is a living example of how Maldivians pay attention to details and pay homage to their culture through arts.


The Maldives is renowned for its beauty and tranquility; given the chance, would you consider living here

Yea that’s true. I would love to live in Maldives. However, being an actress I have to be in Mumbai. Known for being hospitable and warm to their visitors, the Maldivians are true hosts, willing to let tourists stay in their own houses just to showcase the beauty of their country. The island nation’s 341,256 people work hand in hand to make their home be the best beach destination, not only for the natural beauty of its beaches and marine life but also because of their hospitality and quality service. It is their tradition to offer fresh coconut drinks as a welcome treat to guests and tourists in all the local islands.


There are many Bollywood celebrities visiting the Maldives on their holidays, why do you think no comes to shoot a Bollywood movie? 

I think it’s because of subsidy problems and taxes.


Do you think that making a Bollywood movie in the Maldives would make that unique? 

Yes of course, Maldives ancient history says that the island nation was first inhabited over 2500 years ago. The first settlers of the country are believed to be the natives of the South Asian subcontinents, particularly its neighboring countries India and Sri Lanka. 

With its prime locations in the middle of a marine route in the Indian Ocean, ancient Maldives was traversed by travelers and traders which did trading from both of the world. With such rich history and beautiful atmosphere, a Bollywood film in Maldives, will definitely give the movie all the richness and uniqueness.


Many Bollywood stars use their personal makeup artists for events and we've heard that you had help from a Maldivian Salon, a local makeup artist; how was that experience? 

Because I wanted to have a Maldivian touch and it was a lovely experience.



Can you share with us your future projects?

Yes of course, I am also here to promote my film, which is bit early to promote. It’s my first female centered film, woman centered film of my career, which is known as the “Hate story 4”. It’s the 4th installment of a very popular franchise known as “Hate story”. People have always loved this franchise and I am back with Hate story 4 which is releasing worldwide on 2nd of March 2018. I always had a dream, since childhood my film to be released during a famous festival season, so am sure you all know the festival of colors “Holy” so yea Hate story 4 is going to be released in Holy next year.


What is your character in Hate Story 4?

I am playing the character of a supermodel, Tasha. Tasha is the hero of the film. I am pretty excited and am sure people are very excited too.


There are many Indians traveling to countries further away for their holidays, what would you say to the Indians who wants to come to the Maldives? 

The country is so beautiful, you should travel to Maldives at least once in your lifetime.


When do you hope to return to the Maldives?  

Very very soon.